The first edition (2018) of the "Public Procurement Expert" Conference was very appreciated by the participants, which boosted our confidence to organize a second edition in 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, having as location Cluj Arena, one of the symbols of our city. Along with us we had the lecturers Danga Marius Sorin, Valeriu Marius, Tudora Valeria, Octavian Constantinescu, Dobrota Milica Ecaterina, Forgo Irina, Dobrin Bogdan, all experts in the field of public procurement.

Around 80 participants also took part in this edition, some of them being with us for the second time. Among the representative public institutions we can mention: General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Harghita, Hidroelectrica SA, Cluj Emergency Clinical Hospital, National Directorate of Forests - Romsilva - D.S. Dâmbovița, Autonomous District Heating Company Cluj, Argeș Public Health Directorate, Cluj-Napoca Technical University, Cluj Roads and Bridges Regional Directorate, Ghimbav City Hall or the National Railway Passenger Transport Company - CFR - Călători SA Along with the public domain, the private domain was joined by companies such as: Sc Chiriță şi Asociații, Sc Drum Inserv S.R.L., Sc Austing Com S.R.L, Simplicitas S.R.L., Renaul Commercial Roumanie S.R.L., Osiris S.R.L., SC Smart Decision S.R.L. and so on

The diversity of areas of activity present in the room shows us that, even if we work in different areas, public procurement is of interest for any organization, whether public or private and the experience gained and shared at such an event is the greatest success that we can have, as supporters and organizers. The interest of the participants, the discussions both during the Conference and during the breaks attest to the fact that in Romania this sector of activity is not only difficult, but sometimes ambiguous and any ambiguity can be discerned when you have a group of experts with you. This is also the ideal of the Public Procurement Expert Group, which currently has over 9000 members and which is not only created as a simple page on a social network where you can like or share from time to time, but it is a blackboard or a handbook of cases that various institutions and public procurement experts deal with on a daily basis. The best thing is that somebody launches problems and there is always somebody to answer, explain and offer solutions. Sociability, communication and involvement are just some of the concepts that underlie both the group and the solutions in the Romanian public / administrative field.

Together we can function in a world that is changing and progressing. That's why we created a computer system to help in the field of public procurement - Process Player!


Thanks a lot! The conference was a real success!


First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the event organized in Cluj on the subject of public procurement. I am glad that I managed to participate and I wish you success for the future.


Thank you very much, impeccable organization - a little too compressed time for presentation and debate ...


After Movie Annual Conference of the Public Procurement Expert Group 2019