About us

TYPO3 experts

Since 2005 our TYPO3 developers speak TypoScript as good as their mother language, enjoy TYPO3 extension development, love building large portals with lots of traffic and are always ready to find the best solution for our clients. We offer as well TYPO3 consultancy, TYPO3 training and coaching.


TYPO3 upgrades

Upgrading  any TYPO3 instance to the latest LTS version is a good practice and often a requirement in order to ensure the proper security and performance of the website. One of the most frequent types of project in Arxia, we perform TYPO3 upgrades constantly for clients from all over the world. Over many years, we have refined an efficient method which ensures optimal timing, costs and high quality of the result. 


TYPO3 Extension Development

Either building a TYPO3 extension from scratch, extending one or making it compatible with the latest TYPO3 LTS, our TYPO3 specialists are ready to solve the challenge.


TYPO3 Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Arxia has a strong experience in providing TYPO3 trainings for editors, integrators, extension developers and consultants. We can deliver intensive trainings for beginning levels or in preparation for the certification exams as well as providing long-term on-the-job coaching and mentoring to TYPO3 development teams.  Access the link for more info.

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TYPO3 outsourcing

Since 2005, we help web agencies from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries to deliver top quality TYPO3 projects. With our extensive experience in TYPO3 outsourcing we know how to keep the management and communication overheads to the minimum and the delivered quality to the highest standards.


TYPO3 Consultancy

After hundreds of TYPO3 projects and with team members that have over 15 years of TYPO3 experience, we know the CMS framework inside and out. We gladly give our advice, assistance or opinion for harnessing the best advantages out of a new TYPO3 project, for ensuring the proper security and performance, but also help in migration projects and in rescuing TYPO3 projects that went astray. We can perform project audits and evaluations and also devise induction and training programs for new employees picking up TYPO3 specific knowledge. Anything related to TYPO3, we would gladly help with our TYPO3 consultancy service. 


Apache Solr integration

Solr is a powerful open source search platform, including full text search, faceted search and much more, a great choice for large enterprise portals or large databases. We are experienced in integrating Solr in TYPO3 websites or custom PHP projects.


Symfony development

Symfony is our favourite PHP framework for building custom complex projects. Some of our recent products are also powered by Symfony. 


WordPress development

While TYPO3 remains our favourite CMS, sometimes WordPress might be a better fit for the size and budget of a project. Or in the preferences of our client. If that is the case, we are ready to deliver WordPress development services.


DevOps services

We offer a range of services related to system administration, server configuration, dev pipelines setup, monitoring and much more. Follow the link below for more details

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Digitalization audit

Every organization now requires proper digital support of their business processes. Arxia specialized in auditing the state of digitalization in institution and enterprises, as an important phase in the preparation of the digital transformation strategy and systemic process optimization. We have developed an efficient methodology and applied it for local and regional administrations and for production-oriented companies. 


Focus Business Domains

Our experience in the following domains adds a value added consultancy dimension to the development projects:

  • E-government
  • E-administration
  • Media Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Furniture Retail
  • Project Management

3D modelling and optimizing for web

We constantly model 3D objects and optimize for web publishing, for our clients who use PlanningWiz or for integration of dynamic 3D into presentation websites and product catalogues using WebGL. We can reduce the object dimensions skillfully, preserving its quality and details, while still obtaining the best loading performance.


BPMN 2.0 Training and Consultancy

We use BPMN 2.0 as part of our business process optimization consultancy projects and for implementing BPMS projects and products ( like our own ProcessPlayer). This expertise enables us to deliver competent BPMN training, coaching, consultancy and audit. Arxia's CEO has trained personnel from more than 15 central governmental institutions in Romania as part of the SIPOCA20 project.


WebGL Three.js development

We use WebGL to develop complex 3D planning environments ( like the 3D floor planner of PlanningWiz ), product configurators and special 3D animations as the one we did for Stockli, visible in the top of their home page.


Domains of consultancy excellence

Our consultancy covers with priority the following domains:

  • BusinessProcess Optimization and Modelling
  • Standardization
  • Informatization Audit
  • Digitalization Strategy
  • Innovation Management
  • Capacity Building Programs
  • Internationalization Strategy
  • Public Tender consultancy
  • Web Product Management Strategy
  • Tech Community Development