With over 15 years of experience in TYPO3 development and consultancy for our clients from many countries and business domains, we have acquired a level of knowledge that enables us to deliver quality training programs for all levels, from complete novices to advanced TYPO3 integrators and developers. 

Mostly we conduct in-house knowledge acquisition programs, which could take the following forms:

  • Intensive training of 24 to 40 hours on different levels:
    • novice integrator (introduction to TYPO3)
    • intermediate integrator (enhance knowledge and prepare for the TYPO3 Certified Integrator exam)
    • novice developer (introduction to TYPO3 extension development)
    • advanced developer (preparation for TYPO3 Certified Developer exam)
    • TYPO3 consultant (preparation for TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant exam)
    • novice TYPO3 content manager 
  • Workshops of 4 or 8 hours on well-determined topics, such as, for example:
    • advanced TypoScript 
    • integrating and configuring TYPO3 Solr
    • mastering Mask
    • estimating and managing complex TYPO3 upgrade projects
    • performance tuning of TYPO3 instances
    • using Scrum for large TYPO3 development projects
  • Mentoring and coaching, which pairs an expert from Arxia with one or more TYPO3 integrators or developers that can rely on the support and guidance to advance their knowledge over time and resolve more efficiently their current challenges. This is a tailor-made approach that can combine direct on-the-job assistance with advices, 1-to-1 calls on specific topics and even long-term structured progress plans with homeworks and periodical assessments. As an example, we took this approach to help a mixed public-private team of Rwandan developers to advance their TYPO3 knowledge while they were preparing the relaunch of the main governmental site of the country


If you would like to know more about our TYPO3 training, mentoring and coaching programs, just write us on office(@)arxia.com and we would be happy to get into details.



Rwanda Information Society Authority

RISA is the main Rwandan institution responsible with the digitalization of the country. Arxia assists RISA in its capacity building effort to etablish national competencies in web programming using TYPO3 and in Software Integration Architectures. We also support for RISA to implement the new multi-tenant institutional web portal architecture based on TYPO3, aimed to power over 300 websites in Rwanda.

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Ringier is a diversified media enterprise operating in 18 countries and employing some 6,900 people, whose headquarters are in Zurich. Arxia has developed some important online newspaper and tabloid portals using TYPO3 and has provided TYPO3 training to the client's internal teams.