PlanningWiz is a floor planning software created to enhance the productivity of the residential and commercial industries. The core of our solution is an intuitive 3D floor planner that anybody can use to create from simple to very complex home designs. It provides planning, configuration and visualization capabilities and it doesn’t require special skills to use it.

The idea started in 2006 and it was well received by the team, so soon has become part of the business. Since then, we are now at the third version of the planner, an enhanced 3D version which keeps up with the technology development, adapted to meet the needs of our customers. 

PlanningWiz 3D floor planner addresses various types of customers and scenarios, being versatile and flexible. It works on the browser, so there is no need to download or install anything and it’s available anywhere you have a device and an internet connection. 

We are on five continents and in several languages, happy to help businesses and individuals with their floor planning and space design needs. 

The generic version is available to anyone to use for free and easily starts drawing a floor design and it can be used by:

  • home users for residential interests to create the layout of their home
  • real estate agents for commercial use to present their customers an interactive plan
  • interior designers to easily communicate with their customers and work together with them on the design.

We also offer a business version which consists of a personalized planner that can be easily integrated into the website. This way it becomes a powerful tool for the website visitors, helping in their conversion process. 

Having their own catalog of products and extensive insight and statistics about their users and their designs, our customers can easily shape their strategies, helping not only sales but the marketing department as well, as sustained by one of our customer’s head of marketing below:

PlanningWiz has been an excellent solution for our online room planning needs. We were able to custom create icons and make modifications easily. The team at PlanningWiz and our account manager has been very responsive and they have responded with urgency and efficiency. Our sales associates have found the tool to be very useful and a value add to their sales proposals. PlanningWiz allowed us to take our service to the next level and we are thankful for the reliable service they have provided.” - Anne-Marie Hosler, Marketing Manager, StarPower.

We are trusted by companies all around the world, with different business scenarios and needs. 

Most of our business customers are:

  • Furniture retailers  
  • Gym retailers
  • Real estate industry
  • Property management
  • And many others.

Known companies like Jordan’s Furniture, Body-Solid America and Europe, or Remax, as long as others, are using PlanningWiz for several years now and are satisfied with both the product, as well as the service we provide, as the managing director of our customer’s said:

Our customers love the ease and simplicity with which they can design their own games room themselves. Having tried to do it myself with graph paper I found it was a nightmare, which is when I found PlanningWiz. I was so impressed with it I had to have it on our website and we have now been providing this free of charge for our customers for nearly 10 years. The back-up service from them is also superb, super quick responses to any queries, and nothing is ever too much trouble.” - Andy Beresford, Managing Director, Home Leisure Direct

Besides that, because we are at base a development company, we have done several custom integrations specially tailored and with specific requirements. For example, several years ago we helped Audi, the German car retailer to build a customized configurator for the planning and management of floor plans process for the Audi showrooms and service areas.

Because of the planner’s versatility and flexibility, our most recent customer is a storage solutions provider for military infrastructure and even if they are using PlanningWiz for a short period of time, it already has a positive effect on them, as confirmed by their CEO below:

PlanningWiz is the tool we were missing to start digitalization of our external sales processes. The tool is simple to use, both for the administrator and the end user, and it is very powerful. We also greatly appreciate the flexibility and can-do attitude of the PlanningWiz team which has made it possible for us to get so much more out of the software than we could with the standard version. We are very optimistic about what this tool can do for our company now and in the future.” - Eirik Skeid, CEO, Sharkcage.

Our prices are affordable and very competitive and we aim to move fast, to be very responsive to our customers’ interests, to understand the needs and tailor a solution for them, meanwhile meeting the deadlines.

If you want to find more about PlanningWiz, visit our website or contact us at


Our Clients



Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. We have implemented for them a customized online planning and real time design sharing platform that is employed in the design process of Audi's new showrooms and service areas around the world


Jordan's Furniture

Jordan's Furniture is a leading furniture retailer in New England, having showrooms in seven cities and using our online floor planner PlanningWiz to enable interactive experiences for their website visitors


Elis Pavaje

Elis is the Romania leader in the production and distribution of pavements. It was one of the first clients for our PlanningWiz planner, using a custom edition for internal use that allows them to calculate the optimal surface covering parameters of an area.


Becker Furniture World

Becker is an important furniture retailer in the Twin Cities area. They use our floor planner PlanningWiz


Johnny Janosik

Johnny Janosik World of Furniture is activelly serving the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Delmarva area and using our online floor planner PlanningWiz


Body solid

Body-Solid offers highly customizable sports equipment for the client's need.



Biodex Medical Systems offers clients innovative products in medical services for over 60 years.


The RoomPlace

The RoomPlace is a shop furniture from US which provide living room sets, bedroom furniture, mattresses and more others.


Love & Company

Love & Company offers a wide range of services for any type of company or an organization that needs an improvement in coaching, training, marketing planning, lead generation, re-branding, sales improvements.



ArmAda Turkey is a company established since 1990, dealing with aviotion and defense, industrial paint chimical and other paint solutions. 


Addison House

Addison House is a company specialized in contemporary home furnishings, with clients throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.



Mobexpert is one of the largest companies in Romania established in 1993 that deals with the manufacture and sale of furniture.


Century Office

Century Office is a business based on supplying office furniture to SMEs and local authority departments nationwide, whith a complete service from survey and design through to supply and installation.


Impulese Fitness

Impulese Fitness is a company which provides fitness equipments for business and home user core demand.


Movement Fitness

Movement develops and produces high quality fitness equipment with technology, quality, endurance and design for over 30 years in Brazil.


Hom Furniture

Hom Furniture ranks as one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers serving customers in the upper Midwestern states of Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.



Starpower creates your perfect home entertainment venue which includes a fully integrated consultation from conception, drawing, design and completion, to follow-up and maintenance care for the position of one TV or a full video wall. 



8Marta is a Russian furniture factory specializing in upholstered furniture.


TriActiv USA

TriActiv USA is a company that provide outdoor fitness equipment for correctional facilities, military bases, behavioral healthcare facilities, parks, schools, or elderly homes.


Carolina Rustica

Carolina Rustica is North Carolina's premier high-end furniture retailer, customer-focused approach to selling furniture and home decor.


Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses

Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses has destinguished in time by offering an extensive selection of home furnishings at great prices. 



The Lively Merchant

The Lively Merchant is a company based on business consulting and website solutions from USA. 


Acacia Creek

Acacia Creek is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community from USA.


Colony Management Corp

Colony Welcome Home is one of the largest construction company of apartments and homes arean in the Greater Richmond area.


Advantage Fitness Products

Advantage Fitness Products is a company based on fitness products and functional facilities design helping brands development and marketing support for theirs clients.


A Time To Move

A Time To Move helps seniors of moving and settle happily into their new home whether it be an apartment, retirement community, independent living or an assisted living residence.


Home Leisure Direct

Home Leisure Direct is a company based on game room specialist retailer in UK.


Speedy Furniture

Speedy Furniture offers western Pennsylvania shoppers an impressive selection of name brand furniture from the world’s largest furniture manufacturers.


Astir Australia

Astir Australia is a company engaged in the marketing of sports products and medical recovery.



StairMaster is a company that deals with the sale of sports equipment.



Springmoor is a community in Raleigh (North Carolina) for seniors with diverse life experiences and rich cultural backgrounds offering them daily services, various leisure activities, salon, spa, wellness etc.


Fitness Network

Fitness Network deliver Gym and Fitness Equipment throughout South Africa.


Bodypower Sports

Bodypower Sports is a company that manage the Fitness Superstore, which is the largest supplier of specialist fitness equipment in the UK.



Premiaware is especially known for the development of Fast Home, a software for managing real estate databases from Italy.


Gestionale Imobiliare 

Gestionale Immobiliare is a company from Italy that has created a software for Real Estate Management, the perfect working tool for all real estate agencies.



Bigdug is a company from UK that offer the best storage solutions to bring order and efficiency to every clients space.


Anytime Leisure

Anytime Leisure is now Origin Fitness, a company from Ireland that offers a great range of fitness products and supports clients with the gym design projects.


Fitness Boutique

Fitness Boutique is a company from France, dedicated to fitness equipments, body building and sports nutrition.



Decorium is company from Canada which offere beautiful imported furniture and accessories from around the world.



Fit4sale is a company from USA whitch provide fitness equipment and helping costumers to creat their own fitness center.


Bridge Interiors

Bridge Interiors is a company from Canada which provide quality furniture with exceptional service.


Powerhouse Fitness

Power House Fitness is a specialist fitness retailer from UK. 


Sports Corner

Sports Corner is a brand in West Asia that has several commercial chains dealing with the sale of sports products and equipment.


Modern Line Furniture

Modern Line Furniture are specialized in delivering reliable and locally manufactured furniture products in USA.


Peabody Properties

Peabody Properties is one of the largest and most respected management companies in the Northeast of America, that offer services like accounting and finance, property management, sales and brokerage. 


Absolut Performance

Absolut Performance is a company that offer gym flooring, design and instalation.


MZ5 group

MZ5 group is a Russian furniture company.


Birch Lane

Birch Lane is a company from Boston (USA) that sells furniture, where tradition meets inspiration.


FurnitureDealer is a home furnishings marketing company from USA focused on developing full service internet solutions.






Proxomed is a german company that offers innovative medical technology in physical training therapy for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, physiotherapy practices and health centers.